Pellet Chips Production Line

Machine information

Pallet Frying ​​Line:

Turkish industry European technology certified ISO 9001
CE certificate
Line pallet of all kinds
The line fries all types of pallets made from potato, wheat or corn powder with a production capacity of 200 kg / h to 250 kg

Pallet Feeder:
Consists of a main tank with a base made of food chrome 304 stainless steel.
A variable speed vibrator to control the flow of materials into the pan of the fine calibrated calibration of the European industry.
Equipped with a German-German level control.

Main fryer and accessories:
Made of 304 stainless steel food chrome (144 kg) = = 170 liters of oil, equipped with a special control panel
The conveyor belt of the shibs is made of food chromium and the basin is insulated from the outside with heat insulation to preserve the heat
Turbo engine turkish 1 hp brand kamak and velvl Italian speed tray equipped with an inverter for speed control
With a small walk, an external chrome grille is attached to the tub to filter the beads after leaving the fried room
It is equipped with an electric crane to control the process of cleaning the cylinder with 2 Turkish horsepower with a Turkish or Italian gearbox
Equipped with a filter and ventilator, its function is to evaporate the steam from the oil
Supplied with electric switch, European industry to control the oil compensation process automatically
Equipped with rotary pump, oil filtration Turkish industry Turkish engine resistant to high temperature
Equipped with a chrome pump to compensate for the oil industry Italian Ibarra brand resistant to high temperatures
Fully automatic and automatic compensation system / full-conduction system made of 304 chromium
Equipped with an oil-conductivity netting made entirely of 304-calorie food chrome
The temperature of the oil is controlled by a Korean-made thermometer
The line has been supplied with an additional temperature watch for the safety and safety of the Atonic brand
Frying pans in Turkish industrial heaters by availability 24 m length 3 m spread over 6 groups
Equipped with 2 oil recovery tanks. Capacity (340 liters) Each tank is equipped with a heat heater with special control hours, independent of the fried basin to heat the oil to be compensated for the frying pan automatically and the second tank is emptying the oil in it

Built-in Chrome Pathway:

Made of 304 stainless steel fully with structure length / 80 cm / built with a fried machine.
Its function is the initial liquidation of oil.
It can be equipped with a hot air conditioner to fully dry the oil shipps of the engine. The CAMAK Turkish engine is half horsepower and an Italian speed drive.

Oil filter vibrator:

Total length 250 cm
English model 50 cm width
Made entirely of 304 stainless steel food chrome
Vibrator Engine No. 2 Italian Industry Warranty 5 years
Equipped with liquid oil filter tank with automatic return mechanism to the fried basin

Chrome network pathway:

Its function is to filter the oil as a second stage and transfer the fried pallet to the grafting machine.
Made of 304 stainless steel food chrome
Length 225 cm
Width 35 cm
The mesh is made of 304 stainless steel food chrome
The turbocharged engine is half horsepower and the Italian speedbox
Equipped with a collection tank for refined oil

Immunization device:

Tank made of food chrome stainless steel 304
It is equipped with a mixer device for a half horsepower engine with an Italian speed tray
Spaghetti Flavor Feeder for Vibrator Powder Dutch Model (Half-horse engine with Italian speedbox)
The feed snail is equipped with a Korean LS inverter to control the amount of flavored powder flowing to the spray vibrator accurately
Made of stainless steel 304 stainless steel, it allows it to distribute the powder in an excellent way to the shipps.
Equipped with adjustable air filter mechanism and calibration

Almtabl (cylinder coating flavor):

Cylinder made of food chrome 304 stainless steel
Length of 3.40 meters
Diameter 70 cm
Profile base made of 304 stainless steel food chrome
Specially designed to rotate and move the beads inside the cylinder for a homogeneous distribution of the flavor powder on the shibs beads
1 horsepower engine with Italian speedbox
Equipped with a Korean LS system
With a semi-complete cover on the side of the shibs exit, in order not to leak the flavored powder from inside the cylinder as far as possible

Finished Product Receipt:

Its function is to receive the ready-made product in large bags
Length 2 meters
Width 35 cm
Turkish PVC food compost
The chassis is made entirely of 304 stainless steel food chrome
Engine half a Turkish horse + Italian speed tray

Model İNİN1905
Production Type Pellet Chips
Production Capacity 200-250 kg/h
Stages 9 Stages
Motors 8 Motors
Power Requirement 80 kw
Electricity 380v, 50 Hz
Length (m) 8.4
Width (m) 3.1
Height (m) 2.85











Notes :

The power plate is made entirely of 304 stainless steel food chrome
Equipped with 2 cooling fan
Equipped with 2 ventilation filter
The painting is impermeable to prevent dust entering
Electrical and control parts French Schneider brand (staplers, switches and cutters)
The Schneider brand or Korean LS
Korean Ation brand watches
Equipped with electric control panel with detailed electrical diagram
Fitting line with a set of spare heaters + 2 temperature sensors
All machines manufactured in our company have the international quality certificate ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001.
All the machines manufactured in our company are CE certified.
We can provide you with installation engineer and operate permanently or temporarily
We can supply you with raw materials for the best goods and the best prices
We can provide you with feasibility study and cost for your project
We can supply you with Slovan designs for packaging bags

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