Horizontal packing machine

Machine information

Product Name: Horizontal Packing Machine (Flopak)

Capacity: 50 – 200 pieces / min
Electric motors and spare parts: Turkish and Europ
Turkish and European 8 m2
Number of workers : 1

Suitable for all kinds of food products (Date- biscuits – rest – chocolate)
Product packaging with the following measurements:
• Length: 4 – 21 cm
• width: 3 – 10 cm
• Height: 10 – 50 mm
o Touch screen for full machine control

Technical Specifications

– Dimensions: 330x90x160 cm
– Machine weight: 550 kg
-capacity of the machine: From 50 to 200 pieces per minute
– Speed control system for motors using LG controllers
– Control system on the orders of the machine through a 7-inch touch screen
– Determination of envelope length by photosylic sensor
– Date stamp and company information using thermal waxing and electronic heat control
– Indications of the electric consumption of the machine and the protection of low voltage or emergency electricity
– The contact parts of the product are 304 stainless steel food to ensure the quality of the product and its conformity to the food and health specifications

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