Water Cup Filling Machine

Machine information

Horizontal packing machine, Thermos-packaging, water, Juices, Butter, cream, Yogurt etc., In their custom packaging.
Bottles are produced, packaged, sealed and cut in automatic sequentially.
The product is packed in its packaging through a precision sensor for high grades.
The gas system or ultraviolet radiation can also be added to sterilize.
The basic stages of machine work consist of: Heating, forming, packing, sealing, And cutting.
Composition phase The PET-shaped polio material is shaped like a cup by heating from the bottom and from the top.
The cup machine is packed with the required amount between CC 300-125.
The compact top pulley is applied to the top of the machine by the optical system.
At the paste stage, it is pasted and cut at the cutting stage.
The carrier is left on each time 10 cups.

Technical Specifications:

Measurement of the mold: width 162 mm – length 410 mm – depth 90 mm
Pulley measurements: Lower section pulley: 1000 mm – Cover roller: 300 mm
Production Capacity:20/25 cycles per minute according to packaging type, packaging measurements and packing thickness
Electricity:380 volt 3 won – 50-60 Hz
Machine Dimensions:Width 1200 cm – Height 7000 cm – Height 2400 cm
Machine weight:3000 kg
Manufacturing Quality:304 – 316 Stainless steel
Air pressure:6-8 bar per 3000 liters / min
Cooling required:1000 kcal / h 10-14 degrees
Packaging Materials: Bottom cover: From 550 to 900 microns PET
Top cover:Aluminum PVC is stackable or O.P.P

Machine Accessories

Package Forming Machine:

This machine forms the packages that come in a pleated manner and the cups are placed inside the package 60 cups in each package.
The parcel is then passed to the next compartment and closed from the top. The parcels are then lined up by a worker on the pallet.


The coolant cools the forming molds in the machine, which also ensures the thickness of the PET material and also prevents the collection of cups and waste during high temperature.


Provides the necessary air to operate the machine
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