Kebap ve Pasta Yapma Makinesi

Ürün Detayları

Kebab & Pastry Making Machine
The machine starts by adding the ingredients of the product to be produced in the dough section to mix and prepare the dough.
As well as adding the required filling components in the packaging section.
The dough then passes through the part of the stuffing and cutting.
Then cut the cut and stuffed dough through the mold to give it the final shape as desired.
The mold can be dispensed with to get pieces of the dough just stuffed without forming.
Many products can be produced with different kinds of dough, different fillings and various flavors.

Technical Specifications:

Production Capacity: 20/25 of 30-60 pieces per minute
Weight: From 10 – 120 gram
Machine Dimensions:Width 80 cm – height 80 cm – height 130 cm
Machine weight:300 kg
Manufacturing Quality:304 – 316 Stainless steel
Air pressure:
Air pressure:6-8 bar
control:The touch screen control supports more than one language and can add any other language.
the speed:The speed of the machine can be adjusted as desired using the speed controller
Static programming:Fixed programs can be added to produce specific products for which the work of the machine is installed.

Machine accessories

In-tray products:

This machine receives the pieces that have been woven and shaped to be strewn in the baking trays equipped for baking … making the production process fully automated.

Roasting ovens:

Especially for baking pastries and pastries and can bake over 52 different varieties.

Horizontal packing machine:

Horizontal packing machine is suitable for many products such as chocolate, chocolate, convenience, biscuit and others.
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